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Randy Anthony

Fitzgerald, Georgia 


Artist Statement All About The Art


God has given me a wonderful talent to use and the free will to work it. Although I enjoy painting I enjoy sculpting even more, to see what I can make out of a piece of stone or log that is a challenge to me. Most of the time when I start a piece I very seldom have more than a rough sketch of what I plan to make and sometimes I have no sketch at all. I will just start on the sculpture within my mind's eye. Once I've completed the piece to the point I can see the physical shape then I'll draw the details. The unseen factors helps to create a better piece, holes, rotten spots, splits, cracks, knots and even worm holes. As an artist I desire is for everyone to find the beauty and grace of all the arts. I hope that everyone will learn as I have that no matter how bad it seems or how hard it gets, there is always something beautiful hidden inside.

May your day be blessed and thanks


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